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Cheap Rental Cars In Madrid

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The very best way to see and experience the old and new, the fast and slow and beauty of Madrid, is to rent a car and drive around the city. Yes, taking a package tour cuts down on the planning but it is also more expensive and you won’t see the best parts of Madrid and the rest of Spain – only the touristy parts. There are many cheap rental cars in Madrid and we will obtain the best deal for you.

Say “Madrid”, and the name conjures up Flamenco dancers, Bull fights, Passion and Music but mostly, the colour, fun and laughter of life lived at full speed. Madrid’s nightlife is non-stop celebration until dawn, in a city with the highest number of bars and nightclubs in the world.

Madrid is an open-arm city and whether you are Spanish or not, if you are in Madrid then “You are from Madrid!”.

There are a few things to keep in mind when driving around the city. Firstly, if you don’t have an EU driver’s license, you must have an International driver’s license and keep your passport with you at all times, in case you are stopped by the Civil Guardia.

The Spanish drive on the right-hand side of the road and they are very strict about speeding and indicating your intention in good time. With millions of visitors in Madrid each year, the congestion is heavy so you will need to be alert at all times.

Make sure you request a GPS system when hiring your car, or take your own to save on costs. Air conditioning will also be needed as the heat in Spain in summer, is extremely uncomfortable, especially for the British traveler who isn’t used to it.

Madrid has three main ring roads to make it easier to reach different parts of the city but shouldn’t be too much trouble with the GPS system. Here are a few cheap rental car prices and car sizes, hired for three days, in Madrid:

1.SMALL CAR, e.g Ford Ka, 4x seats, 2x doors, 2x small bags, air conditioning, manual transmission – £7.97

2.MEDIUM CAR, e.g. Kia Picanto, 5x seats, 4x doors, 2x medium bags, air conditioning, manual transmission – £8.13

3.MEDIUM CAR, e.g. Renault Megane, 5x seats, 4x doors, 2x large bags, air conditioning, manual transmission – £13.66

4.The LARGE cars to SUV’s, range in price from £80.00 to £126.00 for a three-day rental.

We will customize your rental package to suit your needs and offer you the best, most memorable holiday experience, saving you money on the rental, insurance and the necessities to enhance your stay in Madrid. Whatever size car you want, we can obtain the best and cheapest car rental in Madrid.

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